Executive and communication plans on business areas for second half of the year to be implemented

The Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication has hosted a presentation of executive and communication plans on business areas to be implemented in the second half of the year.

Chief Advisor to the Assistant to the Azerbaijani President for Economic Policy and Industrial Issues, head of the Secretariat of the Commission on Business Environment and International Ratings Vusal Shikhaliyev highlighted the executive and communication plans. He said that comprehensive reforms were implemented in all business areas in the first half of the year. “These reforms were conducted in accordance with the relevant executive and communication plans. During this period initial data on the outcomes of the reforms was analyzed to set new goals and tasks for the next term. Discussions were held with private sector representatives, in particular business associations as part of the public-business dialogue platform.

Vusal Shikhaliyev said the newly-launched communication plans covered major business areas, including construction, starting a business, getting electricity, judicial system, registering property and trading across borders. “In early July, First Deputy Prime Minister, chairman of the Commission on Business Environment and International Ratings of the Republic of Azerbaijan Yagub Eyyubov approved executive and communication plans on business areas. The plans were widely discussed with entrepreneurs and representatives of business associations as part of the public-business dialogue platform...” He said the plans provided for the execution of specific measures in business areas by appropriate authorities, adding that this includes “improvement and expansion of area-specific administration, work with the engaged employees and executives of relevant authorities, communication and awareness raising with entrepreneurs, communication and awareness raising with leading law (consulting) companies, international and local non-governmental organizations, communication and awareness raising with leading mass media and other media outlets.”

“The Plans can be downloaded at the following link -https://azranking.az/az/action-plans.”

 “The primary purpose of executive and communication plans is to expand the scope of the new electronic systems that were launched early this year and define the new areas that need to be developed,” said Vusal Shikhaliyev.

He noted that the measures to be taken would include holding intensive meetings with representatives of public/business associations, leading law/consulting companies, raising awareness of the advantages of reforms, discussing the existing problems and improvement opportunities and submitting the outcomes to appropriate authorities.

Executive Director of AmCham Azerbaijan Natavan Mammadova highlighted the importance of public-private sector dialogue and stressed the necessity of expanding cooperation. She noted that in each country reforms are sufficient and successful if it is based on public-private dialogue. For this purpose it is very essential to have particular platform. Newly-launched platform – Azranking.az is very useful and informative platform. I do believe we should continue our cooperation in this field. At the same time, we have to work on raising awareness of the society. The role of business associations, chambers in this field is very important. We will further improve our cooperation from starting September of the year.

Representative of the International Finance Corporation Lily Begiashvili said: “Public-business partnership dialogue platform exists in several countries. But what is remarkable in Azerbaijan is that this dialogue is funded from the state budget. The existence of an electronic platform is crucial to ensuring communication between members of public-business partnership dialogue. I invite all private sector representatives and business associations to join this initiative.”