Online Single Export Application Was Presented to the State Agencies

The presentation of the online single export application provided for the first time in Azerbaijan was presented to the government agencies in the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication (CAERC).

At the opening of the event, the manager of the Digital Trade Hub Nijat Asadli, stated that online export application facilitating the business of entrepreneurs was an important part of the measures on technological reforms in the state sector of Azerbaijan during the 4th industrial revolution. According to Nijat Asadli, the systematic economic reforms are conducted to expand trans-boundary trade in Azerbaijan. “Application of new approaches, especially in foreign trade, have had a positive impact on our position at the international ratings.”

At the event, Nijat Asadli provided the participants with visual information about the processing mechanism of the online single export application. He mentioned that the application of the single online export application is advantageous for the entrepreneurs since it minimizes the citizen-officials interaction, increases the efficiency of business environment, and simplifies the cross-border trade. By filling the Single Export Application online, entrepreneurs will be able to export the products much easily, spend less time for export process, and minimize required costs.  It should be mentioned that the issuance of permits for export, customs export declaration, and export promotion on the basis of single electronic application is implied by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On additional measures to strengthen the position of the Republic of Azerbaijan as a Digital Trade Hub and expand its foreign trade operations". New e-service allows entrepreneurs to obtain all necessary documents (veterinary, phytosanitary, origin, food safety, free sales and other certificates) including electronic customs declaration and export promotion document by using online single export application. The system of completing a single export application is based on intellectual logic. New user enters minimum information about oneself. After putting in the information (for example product name or exporting country) only once, the system automatically determines other necessary data, including documents required for importing country, and presents to an applicant.  At the next stage, an online single export application is formed on the basis of the applicant's consent and addressed to the participants (state agencies) defined by the system for obtaining the required permits.

Online single export application functions on portal and can be used by the following link: