The Commission on Business Environment and International Rankings launches the implementation of new Execution and Communication Plans

The Center for Analysis and Communication of Economic Reforms (CAERC) hosted a discussion on the Implementation and Communication Plans of the Working Group on the Business Environment and International Ranking for the second half of 2019. The first meeting of the Commission was dedicated to the implementation of the actions under the Implementation and Communication Plan for the second half of 2019 regarding the reforms on getting construction permits. In his opening speech, Vusal Gasimli, Executive Director of the Center for Analysis and Communicaiton of Economic Reforms said it has been a priority to expand the scope and identify the areas of development of the new digital systems launched in early 2019. Specific efforts are also being made to accelerate the promotion of the new digital systems internationally, as the “successful experience of Azerbaijan”: Azerbaijan managed to deepen the reforms under the auspices of the President Ilham Aliyev in all indicators of Doing Business. The Commission on Business Environment and International Rankings successfully fulfils the instructions of the President using the public-private dialogue platform offered by ”

The Commission’s Working Group on getting construction permits discussed further expansion of the one-stop-shop system used in Baku to cover the entire country, the integration of local executive authorities into this system, and actions to be taken to prepare the terms of reference on electronic application for getting construction permits for facilities that require expert examination.

During the discussion, it was stressed that the suppliers in Baku and in the regions undertake regular awareness-raising activities regarding the Plan. In addition, it is planed to organize meetings with the presence of public associations / business associations to broadly inform them, and identify existing problems and rooms for improvement.It is worth pointing out that the meetings with the working groups of the Commission on Business Environment and International Rankings will be held further in conjunction with the executive bodies. The main purpose of these meetings is to ensure timely implementation of the joint actions together with the persons responsible for the Plan.

The discussion on reforms in the field of getting construction permits was attended by the representatives of the State Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture, State Agency for Services to Citizens and Social Innovation, Ministry of Economy, State Committee for Property Issues, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, Azerishig OJSC, “Azersu” OJSC, “Azerigas” PU, Institute of Economics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, “Ekvita”, “BM Morrison Partners”, “Baku Law Center”.