Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communications to host a meeting with representatives of the International Finance Corporation

Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communications (CAERC) hosted a meeting between the delegations from the Commission on Business Environment and International Rankings and the International Finance Corporation (IFC). The meeting was dedicated to an exchange of views on the Cooperation Agreement signed between IFC and the Republic of Azerbaijan on implementation of the Azerbaijan Investment Enabling Environment and Agribusiness Competitiveness Project, as well as to overall actions taken with respect to the Memorandums of Understanding. In addition, working group members from respective government agencies made presentations during the meeting.

Further discussions were held on comprehensive actions taken under the cooperation agreements to further enhance business enabling environment, develop free competitiveness mechanisms and transparency. Key areas of focus on the projects were also discussed.

The parties identified the works to be done to ensure full functioning of the Public Private Dialogue on a transparent and advanced platform based on the joint activities of the International Finance Corporation with the Commission on Business Environment and International Rankings.

The was ended with an agreement on further continuing joint actions to improve the investment enabling environment of the country, support efforts for increasing competitiveness of agribusiness, and simplify guidelines licensing and inspections. It was underlined that joint efforts with the Government of Azerbaijan would further continue in order to develop the investment policy and promotion framework and attract foreign direct investment under the cooperation agreements.

The meeting was attended by the Commission Working Group on International Agreements, as well as the Damien Shiels, IFC Practice Manager, Jan Van Bilsen, IFC Regional Management, Aliya Azimova, Country Manager, Irina Kokaia, Country Practice Manager, Eka Avaliani Project Management, Elchin Ahmadov, Project Specialist, Ekaterina Onul, Food Security Expert and Yoga Arrada, Investment Policy Expert.