Trainings were held for Working Groups on the rules of use of "Electronic Clerical System"

On June 4-14, trainings were held for members of the Working Group on the rules of use of the "Electronic Clerical System" on the portal of the Commission on Business Environment and International Ratings with the joint organization of the Center for Economic Reforms Analysis and Communication (CERAC) and the Working Groups.    During the training, the participants were provided with detailed information on the functionality of the Portal. They were told that the Commission's Electronic Clerical System functions online in real-time mode, minimizing paper circulation on documents in the Commission's activities, creating conditions for the operative and efficient communication of reforms carried out in the business environment, serving to improve the efficiency of coordination and liaison among the Working Groups. After presentations were made by the secretaries and responsible employees of the Working Group on each procedure on the basis of the "User Guide" prepared on the use of the System, discussions were held on the proposals and feedback of the participants.