Discussions for implementation recent reforms on getting electricity was held

The Center for Analysis and Communication of Economic Reforms hosted discussions on the Execution and Communication Plan for the second half of 2019 related to reforms on getting electricity for businesses to improve the business enabling environment and access to the power supply networks necessary for further improvement of the country's position in international rankings. The discussions included the analysis of the actions taken in conjunction with the relevant executive authorities, as well as the review of actions planned by the end of the year. It was emphasized that the new digital services introduced for getting electricity caused satisfaction of the businesses, and that this practice needs to be promoted globally and locally, further improved with broadening its functionalities.

Vusal Gasimli, Executive Director of CAERC, said that during the next six months, it has been planned to analyze the results of the new e-services platform introduced during the first six months, assess the ratio of those which connected digitally to the overall number of businesses connected to the power network since the introduction of the new system and provide proposals upon the assessment of the existing situation. He went on saying that these actions will be taken together with the implementing government agencies to address challenges faced during the first half of 2019 in use of the new software of the electronic system.

During the discussions, it was stated that the officials of various agencies responsible for the Plan would make presentations on the main attributes of the new e-service and the lessons learned in the past. Workshops and trainings will also be organized to evaluate the results of the works done. In addition, a list of public unions and business associations and corresponding coordinators will be drawn up and meetings will be held to raise awareness of businesses on the reforms in the area of getting ​​electricity.

A number of actions will also be taken in cooperation with consulting companies, international and local non- governmental organizations, mass media and other media outlets to analyze the results of trainings and meetings organized businesses on new e-service in the first half of 2019 and to efficiently deliver and improve communication.

It is worth emphasizing that the discussion on reforms in the field of getting electricity for businesses was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Economy, Small and Medium Business Development Agency, Azerishig JSC, Azerenergy OJSC, Tariff (Price) Council, State Agency for Services to Citizen and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, “Ekvita”, “BM Morrison Partners” and “Baku Law Center”.